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Soft Treats

While dogs and cats would certainly appreciate any treat they could get their paws on, there are a multitude of benefits specific to just soft treats! That’s why The Hungry Puppy carries premium brands like Blue Buffalo, Hill’s, Wellness, Bil-Jac, Temptations, Merrick, Loving Pets, Earthborn, Solid Gold, Cadet, and others that create delicious, nutritious treats your dog or cat will love!

Treats are a great way for you to show your pet extra love and attention, but soft treats are particularly a great option because they’re softer for a reason - more meat. More meat means not only a better source of protein for your pet to build strong, lean muscles, but also much more flavor! High quality meat is just one of the tasty ingredients treats are often made out of. Asides from lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, venison, duck, rabbit, and pork, there is also salmon, trout, sweet potato, cheese, catnip, brown rice, coconut, vanilla, cranberry, and so many other superfoods that come with their own nutritional boosts, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids! You can even choose from all natural, grain free treats specifically aimed to help with health concerns like oral care, hip and joints, mobility, weight, urinary or digestive care, etc, with a prescribed veterinary diet. Soft treats are not only healthy and yummy, but practical, too. They are so easily digested and eaten that they prove to be quick, effective training tools for your pet. They are super easy on your companion’s teeth and jaws, making it great for both teething or older pets!

The Hungry Puppy encourages you to try any one of our soft treats today because they’ll provide the nutrition and satisfaction your pet craves!