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Soft Toys

When pet owners think of soft toys, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a fun source of entertainment for your dog, cat, or other animal. While this is still certainly true, did you know that soft toys actually have more to do with your pet’s innate, natural instincts? That’s why with brands like Petstages, Kong, Multipet, HuggleHounds, Outward Hound, Ethical Pet, and more, The Hungry Puppy carries an assortment of soft toys for your little friend.

Dogs and cats are natural predators. They have a genetic drive to hunt smaller prey and derive a great amount of satisfaction from anything they can sink their teeth into or shred apart. Extra points for anything that squeaks or makes sounds that imitate that of a duck or mouse! This keeps playtime interesting for your feline and canine, as soft toys can be much more easily manipulated than hard toys. Because soft toys are more flexible and easy to maneuver, they are great for teething pups. Their squishy textures are gentle on their developing teeth and gums, plus keep them away from your shoes and household furniture. Female dogs are also more drawn to soft toys because they resemble puppies and the instinctive process of nurturing them. Not only that, but pet owners have actually found that toys can be used as a means of communication. Cats meow while simultaneously carrying stuffed toys in their mouth as a signal that they are either hungry or experiencing separation anxiety. This is an effective way of letting their pet parent know they need to be fed or given extra love and attention. Aside from satisfying your pet’s inherent impulse to wrestle around with a soft toy, they simply provide a stimulating activity that will engage your pet physically and mentally. Soft toys are great for playtime and also to cuddle up or snuggle with, which helps to reduce anxiety and increase comfort.

For this reason, The Hungry Puppy offers a variety of soft plush toys for your pet! Whether stuffed or unstuffed, their cushioned, fluffy feel are sure to make playtime or bedtime much more satisfying for your companion. Some even use the added material of latex or knotted rope to add variety and pizzazz to the experience. However, even with these toys’ pliable, velvety textures, they’re still strong and durable enough to withstand rough play! Choose from our store’s selection of fun shapes and animals, from elephants, hippos, pigs, rabbits, cows, chickens, llamas, anteaters and squirrels, to sloths, tigers, donkies, bears, wolfs, raccoons, buffalos, beavers, and more!