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Small Breed

Because The Hungry Puppy loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, we acknowledge that each one of them has their own specific needs. Even just the difference between the nutrition of a small breed vs. a large breed dog makes all the difference in the world, which is why we at The Hungry Puppy carry the needed food and supplies for both - starting with small breeds! Because as Dorothy Hinshaw said, “even the tiniest poodle or chihuahua is still a wolf at heart.”

Smaller breed dogs typically have a longer lifespan, but are still prone to certain health conditions like hypoglycemia (a rapid drop in blood sugar) or not getting a sufficient amount of calories due to their extremely high metabolic rates. These conditions can lead to weakness, lethargy, seizures, muscle tremors, or even death. Therefore, from the moment they are born to the point when they are fully grown, small breed pups should be fed with a diet high in needed nutrients and dense in calories per pound of food. This ensures that they have more to fuel them throughout the day, and helps them grow at a healthy, appropriate rate. In order to ensure that your dog is getting the most from their food, it is good to take into account the size of the kibble. For example, kibble designed for smaller dogs will be a better size for the dog’s jaw, making it easier for them to properly chew and digest. It is also important to keep in mind other miscellaneous details for smaller pups, such as a diet that reduces the likeliness of gastrointestinal upsets or poor dental health. Luckily, The Hungry Puppy carries food and treats that does both!

Carrying brands such as Blue Buffalo, Fromm, Eukanuba, Natural Balance, Merrick, Wellness, Holistic Select, etc, and flavors like turkey, duck, chicken, vegetable stew, beef, The Hungry Puppy has all you need to help your small breed dog live a long and happy life.