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Small Animal Treats

Delight your small animals with big flavored treats! Carrying brands like Oxbow, Browns, Triumph, Mazuri, Southern States, Kaytee Fiesta, and more, The Hungry Puppy offers small animal treats that are sure to satisfy your pet’s big appetite!

Oxbow Simple Rewards makes a variety of treats for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, mice, and other small pets! Oxbow Timothy Treats use timothy grass hay - a traditional pet favorite. This ingredient is high in fiber and energy content, providing your pet with a healthy digestive system and boost of energy. Its rough texture is great for promoting your small animal’s dental health and encouraging chewing action. Their Veggie Treats are a wholesome, oven baked blend of vegetables and greens that provide the nutritional balance your pet would find in their natural habitat, while also adding a bit more variety into their day. Oxbow Banana Treats consist of only 100% bananas, which means your pet can enjoy the delicious taste of this sweet fruit that comes packed with vitamin B6 and potassium! Similarly, their delectable freeze-dried Strawberry Treats are a natural source of vitamin C and antioxidants that help to support a strong immune system. Your companion can enjoy these treats as a part of their diet without you having to worry about the use of any additives, preservatives, or added sugar. Our store also carries Brown’s Extreme Fruit & Nut Small Animal Treats. It’s loaded with natural, chunky, chewy, crunchy fruits, nuts, and vegetables that will not only taste incredibly appetizing, but also nutritious and fun to eat! Some of these ingredients include real apricots, mangoes, shelled almonds, peanuts, whole corn, papaya, raisins, kiwi, and more - all of which provide crude protein, fat, fiber, and moisture!

Check out The Hungry Puppy today to see what treats you can reward your small animal with today for a healthier, stronger bond!