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Small Animal Supplies

Your pet may be small, but that doesn’t make the task of properly caring for them any less big of a responsibility! That’s why with brands like Carefresh, Oxbow, Kaytee, Mazuri, Havahart, Lixit, Marshall, and others, The Hungry Puppy carries a wide stock of small animal supplies to meet your pet’s bigger needs!

With just a few key supplies and items, your small animal can be ready and set to live its best life! Aside from our many delectable, nutritious food options and treats, our store offers you plenty of essentials that your companion is sure to need. Firstly, we provide the storage containers you need to store those food products, which is where items like the Lixit Rabbit Bottle, Guinea Pig Bottle, and others come in. These are easily assembled tubes that store water and can be attached right to your pet’s cage. The durable, stainless steel Coop Cup can also simply be placed into the cage, as it has a bolt and clamp to guarantee secure attachment. This ensures less food and water falling onto the floor of your pet’s cage, as well as less cleanup time! Next, we provide your small animal with numerous bedding supplies. A cage or designated place to keep your pet is extremely important, keeping them away from unwanted areas and instead in their own comfy, cozy space. This can be achieved by first purchasing the shelter, such as our Lapps Rabbit Single or Double Hatch. Then make the environment as welcoming as possible with either bedding or grass mats. Marshall grass mats are ideal for the homes of rabbits or other small animals like chinchillas, hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc. These woven grass mats protect sensitive paws from wire bottom cages. Bedding options are either pellets or shavings. Boreal wood pellets are low in dust, keeping your pet safe from trouble of breathing or respiratory issues. They are low in moisture, as well, making them more absorbent and easily compostable. Lastly, they are easy to scoop and remove when soiled by your pet’s waste. Shavings, typically made from pine, aspen, cedar, corncob, etc, smell super fresh and will provide a soft, comfortable home for your pet. Because they are low in moisture they have much less of a chance of developing mold. Plus, insects and mites are not attracted to this type of material, which ensures your pet will live in a clean area! Complete your small animal’s welcoming experience by treating them to a salt wheel. SuperPet Salt Savors are a tasty, convenient source of nutritious minerals that come in a variety of appetizing flavors like corn, celery, carrot, and apple! Other miscellaneous supplies The Hungry Puppy carries include Bag Balm, which is great not just for the skin of the pet owner, but now the pet, too! We also have Havahart Live Traps in different sizes to help you safely and humanely relocate animals or befriend them.

Whatever supplies your small animal needs, The Hungry Puppy is here to help you take on the not-so-small, but rewarding responsibility!


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