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Small Animal Bedding

Keep your small animal feeling safe, warm, and cozy with The Hungry Puppy’s assortment of small animal bedding! Carrying brands like Carefresh, Northeastern, Pestell, and more, our store provides you with all you need to create the most welcoming environment for your pet.

There are certain criteria all animal bedding should meet: safe, readily available, easy to store, easy to handle, and cost effective. While The Hungry Puppy’s products meet each one of these needs, there are many advantages to each type of bedding! Bedding typically takes on one of two common forms: pellets or shavings. Pellets, typically made from all natural boreal wood like pine or fir, are low in dust, keeping your pet safe from respiratory issues or trouble of breathing. It's low in moisture content, which means it is very absorbent, and more importantly, composts well! Pellets are similar to cat litter in the way that once dampened by your small animal’s waste, it’s easy to isolate and scoop out. So potty time and clean up becomes a quick, easy, painless process! The other option would be shavings. As varied as the animals they are good for, such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, and even some reptiles, shavings also come from an array of materials. Whether it be pine, aspen, cedar, corncob, etc, shavings provide a fresh smell to your pet’s space due to their natural odor absorbing oils! Though they vary in how absorbent they are, our shavings are still sure to provide a moisture resistant, soft, comfortable, cozy experience for your small animal. Plus, because they are low in moisture, they have a significantly reduced chance of developing mold and are overall much fresher. Not to mention, bugs and mites are not attracted to this material, so you can trust that your companion’s space stays clean. For an alternative to the traditional shavings and pellets, try Carefresh Natural Bedding. Carefresh uses their own paper using raw, natural fibers obtained directly from its source. This product is 99% dust free and is two times more absorbent than shavings. Plus, it helps suppress odors for up to ten days, keeping your home and pet’s area cleaner, healthier, and happier!

Treat your small pets with the big love they deserve by providing them with only the most luxurious, comfortable bedding from The Hungry Puppy!


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