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Refrigerated Food

Find a space in your fridge to fit The Hungry Puppy’s refrigerated dog and cat food! Carrying premium brands like Freshpet, our store provides your pet with meals that are similar to that of a home cooked meal - tasty, healthy, and made with care.

Refrigerated dog and cat food is gently cooked at very low temperatures. By being gently cooked and not put under the stress of extensive heating processes, the ingredients of the product are able to retain their original nutritional value. That means your furry friend is receiving the maximum benefits possible, with its vitamins and minerals all intact. Plus, brands like Freshpet do this using only the most natural ingredients, free from any preservatives, fillers, or by-products in their formula. Not only is the nutrition better, but the taste is, too. Your companion can experience the intensity of delicious, mouth watering flavors like fresh chicken, peas, carrots, brown rice, turkey, spinach, cranberry, beef, bison, salmon, egg, and more. Refrigerated pet food can come in forms like pouches and rolls, making them take up a very little amount of space in your fridge. Plus, they’re easy to serve! Just take it out of your refrigerator, portion off the amount you’d like to feed, slice, mash, or dice it, and you’re done! Place the leftovers in an air-tight package and back in the fridge for fresh, future feeding. Pet parents love the health benefits and convenience of this type of diet, as it closely resembles a raw diet. With The Hungry Puppy’s refrigerated dog and cat food, pets can enjoy similar advantages of a raw diet without the risk of tummy upset, and it’s safer for the pet parent to handle, as well.