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Pro Plan Veterinary Diet Dog

Just as each dog has a unique personality, unique habits, unique size and shape - dogs also have unique dietary needs at different stages of their life and according to their own status of health, body composition and conditions, activity level, and more. The Hungry Puppy knows that each and every dog’s body and system run differently, which is why we carry the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet! Purina is committed to the health of every pet—especially those who have unique nutritional needs. When veterinarians recommend these formulas, it’s because they, along with pet owners, trust Purina’s expertise. Their advanced therapeutic nutrition is established through decades of research supported by a global network of over 500 scientists, including veterinarians, behaviorists and nutritionists.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet formulas play an important role in nutritionally managing dogs with certain health conditions. Each diet is formulated specifically to meet unique nutritional needs, often with innovative ingredients backed by the latest research in pet nutrition. If you think your canine could benefit from therapeutic nutrition, talk to your veterinarian to learn about which formula is recommended.

Coming in many options of dry and wet food, treats, and supplements, Purina offers diets that are tailored to help your furry friend with issues concerning sensitive systems, hydration, neurocare, mobility, dental or oral care, weight management, the kidney, or the gastrointestinal or urinary tract. These also include performance and specialized nutrition formulas, as well.

The Hungry Puppy offers the Pro Plan Veterinary Diet delivered free with no minimum order in our free delivery zone because your pets are Purina’s passion!