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Pig Ears

With brands like Lennox and Merlin’s Magic, The Hungry Puppy offers all natural chews that are not only healthy for your dog, but also a fun part of their day! For this reason, our store carries natural pig ears with no artificial colors or flavors.

When natural pig ears are processed and dehydrated they become flavorful, chewy, and easily digested. They are a natural source of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and your dog even receives the advantage of healthier teeth. Natural, crunchy pig ears serve as a great way to let your dog instinctively chew while simultaneously cleaning their teeth, gums, reducing plaque and tartar buildup, and promoting fresh breath. Another benefit of pig ears is that they are simply delicious to dogs! While some brands do indeed add flavoring, it is not needed as they already taste great on their own and are sure to get your furry friend’s attention. Canines can savor this treat and their thick hide and density that make them easier to chew, which is great for puppies and senior dogs. At the same time, pet owners can appreciate them because they are odorless!

Pig ears are best used as treats - they’re fantastic for rewarding your furry friend and showing them appreciation for their love and obedience. They are great and safe for small dogs, senior dogs, and delicate, sensitive chewers, so long as you supervise your pup and accompany them as they enjoy their treat!

The Hungry Puppy always has pig ears and other treats readily available for your pup at the lowest prices and highest quality - because we want to see your pet receive the love and affection they deserve and will enjoy!