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PetMate Vari Kennels

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Petmate Vari Kennels because they are ideal for housebreaking, training, and traveling! Made in the USA, Petmate’s products have tough, durable construction that ensure your pet will remain completely safe. They come with an easy-open squeeze latch, vents on side walls, as well as an interior moat to keep pets dry. The tie-down strap holes on the perimeter are great for easy zip-tie installation and extra security during airline travel.

Vari Kennels in sizes 19" and 24" offer a handle and a built-in compartment cover for added storage of treats or other pet needs. In addition, the seat belt loop is a notch at the top of the kennel so you can quickly secure it in your car! The 28" Vari Kennel comes with a handle, but does not come with the built-in compartment. Vari Kennels in sizes 32", 36", and 40" do not have a handle or built-in compartment.

The Petmate Vari Kennel is easy-to-assembly with no tools required. It includes wing nuts and bolts, which is required for airline travel. The kennels meet most air travel requirements, but please contact your airline before traveling for verification of their specific requirements!