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Pedigree Canned Dog Food

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Pedigree because they offer a full range of wet canned food for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Pedigree wet dog food encourages, supports, fortifies and fuels a dog's power to be their healthiest and happiest selves at every stage of life — puppy, adult and senior. Pedigree’s assortment of wet food options are specifically tailored to your dog’s age, size, and specific dietary needs. Whether it be for oral care, skin and coat, hip and joint, weight control, or high protein, Pedigree has it all.

Pedigree’s wet dog food comes in both cans and pouches, which makes it more convenient for pet parents in every way! Both forms of packaging are easy to store, and pouches are single serve, leave no messy leftovers, and easy to tear. More importantly, your canine will love it! Your dog’s mealtime is the most exciting part of their day, and when you add Pedigree canned dog food to their bowl, you can make it even better. Products consist of perfectly cut pieces with real ingredients they can’t resist, to help provide the energy they need to play. Each recipe is 100% complete and balanced with minerals and oils, so you know they are getting the most from their meals for healthy skin, a glistening coat, and overall better health. Want to mix it up? Add Pedigree’s soft dog food to their favorite kibble, or use as a topper for the ultimate mealtime experience.

The Hungry Puppy carries Pedigree because their wet dog food, canned and in pouches, is hearty, healthy, and tasty. It gives them the flavors they crave like filet mignon, bacon, gravy, chicken, rice, lamb, vegetables, turkey, beef, cheese, and more - all with the nutrition they need. Help your dog grow happy and healthy with Pedigree Wet Dog Food.


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