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The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Oxbow Animal Health because providing products for small pets, including chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, and rats, they have a passion for premium and commitment to care.

At Oxbow, they believe that quality of life begins with quality care. Since the beginning, they’ve promised to invest in small animal health and well-being through a series of principles and initiatives that transcend nutrition. Their duty and promise, the Oxbow Way is about making a true difference in the lives of pets and the people who love them. In this, they are guided by four fundamental principles: quality, innovation, education, and appreciation.

Their commitment to quality starts in the field. They work hand-in-hand with expert growers across their family of farms to ensure that all Oxbow hay has the required premium attributes that customers expect and deserve. When hay arrives at the Oxbow farm, their quality assurance process has only just begun. Hay is graded, analyzed, and altogether scrutinized before it ever enters the packaging facility. Next, their skilled team members sort all of the highest-graded hay by hand, removing less than premium portions and putting only the best in the bag. The same level of quality assurance and testing practiced on Oxbow hay applies across all of their product lines, including their fortified food, supplements, litter and bedding, treats, critical care, and accessories. Testing on all products and ingredients is multi-faceted, and only the best products enter the market.  Only when their end product meets the approval of pets is their quality commitment complete.

They were the first to introduce Timothy Hay as a dietary staple for small herbivores, the first to develop a Timothy-based small herbivore food, and the first to create a 100% organic line for small pets. But their innovative spirit doesn’t end with product development; you’ll find it reflected in their everyday work as well.  It’s in the way they make decisions and approach obstacles. It’s how they take what they have and make it better.

The Hungry Puppy carries Oxbow Animal Health products because the Oxbow Way is the right way.


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