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Medium Breed

Pet owners love their companions in any size they come in. Small, medium, or big. Carrying brands like Ark Naturals, Coastal, Kong, Merrick, Premier, Whimzees, Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Ethical Pet, and more, The Hungry Puppy wants to start off by helping your medium sized dog live a big life!

Many dogs fall under the medium breed category: Australian Shepherds, Bull Terriers, Bulldogs, Collies, Poodles, Hounds, and much, much more. They typically fall within the range of 20-50 pounds as adults. Medium sized dogs do not require one specific diet, though they should certainly be fed a high quality one. Animal based proteins, healthy oils, fiber, vitamins and minerals are all essential to a nutritionally complete, balanced diet. Though this is important no matter the size of your pooch, it’s particularly important for medium breeds due to their being prone to joint pain, muscle issues, and nerve problems. A good medium sized dog food will incorporate all the necessary ingredients formulated together to prevent such conditions. They’ll also supply your pet with the energy they need on a day to day basis. Even our treats come in medium sizes that are great to satisfy your pet’s appetite. Asides from food, The Hungry Puppy carries several other essential supplies your medium sized dog will need. Our harnesses, collars, muzzles, and recovery cones come in specific sizes, medium included, to give your pet the secure, comfortable fit they need to go on their walks, adventures, and in the event that they need further restrictions. We even have medium sized booster seats for your pet to safely and luxuriously ride along with you on road trips. Keep them occupied on the way to your destination with medium sized toys, like chews, stuffed animals, balls, rings, and more - just the perfect size for your canine to play and cuddle with. Whatever supplies your medium sized pooch needs, The Hungry Puppy has the medium sized products to satisfy them!