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The Hungry Puppy wants to make sure that your pet has everything they need in order to live long, healthy, happy lives. Carrying brands like Vectra, Greenies, Espree, Southern States, Purina, Royal Canin, and more, our stores offer a wide stock of medical supplies that aim to do exactly that.

The quickest way to ensure your pet’s health is through their food, which is why The Hungry Puppy provides veterinary diets. So long as it is prescribed by a veterinarian, you can come right to our store or utilize curbside pickup and free local delivery to get premium formulas specifically aimed to help your pet’s health conditions. Many of these diets consist of metabolic, gastrointestinal, ultamino, weight management, urinary care, kidney and mobility support, start and grow, and many more dry and wet food and treat options for different types of animals. Our store even has treats specifically designed for you to be able to easily insert medical pills and tablets into them, making the experience much more pleasant and enjoyable for your little friends.

The Hungry Puppy also offers medicated topicals and ointments like Vectra-3D, which is a fast acting, long lasting product that protects your pets from fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Not only that, but we have an assortment of medicated shampoos, conditioners, and flushes. You can help your pet be rid of skin irritations, anxiety, stress, razor burns, hot spots, flaking, etc while promoting clean skin, coats, and fur with great scents like aloe vera, tea tree, oat and more. Many of these are all natural, hypoallergenic, and soap free.

Our store is prepared with many other miscellaneous medical items to help your companion with whatever comes their way. First aid products include: topical creams and sprays that use blends of proteins, enzymes, and hydrocortisone for skin irritation relief and treatment for infections and wounds, specially formed powders that block pain while stopping bleeding, flexible bandage wraps for minor injuries, gels and supplements with essential vitamins and minerals, solutions, and much, much more.

Whatever type of product and for whatever medical reason you may be purchasing, The Hungry Puppy cares and is here to help!