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Pets and their pet owners have a lot more things in common than people think they do - they eat, sleep, use the bathroom, play, communicate, get excited, and get sad. Another key similarity is your need for exercise. Going for daily walks around your neighborhood or visiting a park is a great way for both you and your pet to get your body moving, get some fresh air, and relieve some stress. That’s why The Hungry Puppy offers an assortment of dog and cat (and who’s to say they can’t be used on other animals too?) leashes from brands like Coastal, Harness Lead, Remington, Premier, and more!

Leashes are important for a number of reasons. They ensure that your companion stays safely by your side when you venture together in the outside world. Attached to a collar or harness, they are what gives your pet the room to wander and play, while also walking at an appropriate pace not far off from you so you can still bond and share the experience together. Leashes and leads prevent your furry friend from going near cars or in places they shouldn’t be, protecting them from unsafe locations, situations, accidents, or injuries. They make it less likely for your pup or kitten to go haywire when seeing another person or pet, or from running off without you! Proper leash training is also a law in most cases, and promotes proper, obedient behavior in your pet. Plus, why would you want them to wander off without you when that’s extra time you could be spending together?

For this reason, The Hungry Puppy’s variety of leashes vary in size, design, and features to satisfy you and your little friend’s needs. A majority of our store’s leashes are made from nylon, a very sturdy, durable material that ensures it won’t break or tear apart even with pulling. Some are made from a reflective material used by safety professionals, which helps other people and drivers to see your pet even under the darkest of skies and furthest of distances. Other safety features on our leashes and leads include grip control handles. Sliding grip control handles are meant for added control to make sure the leash doesn’t slip from your hands. On the other hand, retractable leashes let your dog run more freely from varying distances, while keeping the pet owner comfortable with their soft grip handles and accessible stop and release buttons. Each of our leads and leashes come in different lengths, depending on the size of your pet and their behavior during walks, whether they like to run or walk. Not to mention, they come in fun colors! Solid colors like black, gray, red, pink, green, yellow, blue, purple, and orange, are available, as are standout prints like chevron, daisies, ribbons, zebra, geometric shapes, camouflage, etc!

The Hungry Puppy carries all the leashes and leads you and your pet need to share a fun, pleasant walking experi


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