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The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Kaytee because their mission is “to provide the highest quality goods and services for people's enjoyment of birds and other pets." They believe in the incredible life connection between people and their pets. They put animals first. That's nothing new. Kaytee's commitment to small animal pets, pet birds, and wild birds has inspired nutritional innovations for more than 150 years. A complete line of products - food, treats, bedding, toys, habitats, and accessories - helps keep your treasured friends, whether feathered or furry, active, comfy, and safe. Their expertise and state-of-the-art processing means quality is built into every product, ensuring the health, security, and comfort of each pet and bringing peace-of-mind to all pet parents. 

The Hungry Puppy carries Kaytee because they are passionate in creating a total solution of products for happy pets that you can trust, because at Kaytee no pet is too small to love. Kaytee continues its tradition of scientifically-formulated products and unparalleled service, a tradition firmly rooted in the past with a vision toward the future.