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Jerky Treats

So many people enjoy the delectable taste of jerky. So much so that they wonder if their beloved pets can get a taste of it, too. The answer is yes! While pets can’t be given the jerky humans eat, there are plenty of jerky treats made especially for our companion animals. And The Hungry Puppy has them all! Try our many brands, including Jack & Pup, Merrick, Nutrisource, Hill’s, Triumph, Wellness, and more. 

Jerky is a protein source, such as meat, fish, or poultry, cut up into strips or small pieces and dried. Because it has been dehydrated, jerky makes for a lightweight treat that can be easily shelved while taking up very little space! Pet parents love its convenience and long shelf life, but what they love even more is its many nutritional benefits. First off, the process of dehydrating the jerky ensures that the product retains most of its original nutritional value, as opposed to cooking, baking, and frying, which wipes away most of the vitamins and minerals. This is great because jerky is chock full of healthy ingredients, especially single or limited ingredient jerky! The high quality protein gives your pet increased levels of energy and leaner, stronger muscles. Plus, jerky is tough and chewy. Your pet’s jaws will get the movement and exercise it needs, and the treat will also work to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Delight your furry friend in flavors like lamb, beef, venison, chicken, ostrich, turkey, sweet potato, tuna, duck, salmon, and more! Just choose from The Hungry Puppy’s many options!