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The Hungry Puppy trusts IMS Pet Industries because they created Cadet, the #1 retail brand of bully sticks, as well as a provider of natural chews, rawhides, and other premium treats.

IMS Pet, established by founders Irv, Milt, and Sam, has been a leader in the pet industry for more than 30 years. When they created Cadet premium chews and treats, they affectionately named the brand after Sam’s first dog, who accompanied him just about everywhere, as a tribute to loyal companions. Their dog-inspired name helps guide everything that they do.

Every dog parent has their own special cadet who deserves the very best. That’s why they provide naturally delicious chews and treats that are not only full of flavor but also minimally processed, responsibly sourced, and made with the best ingredients.

With gourmet bully sticks, pig ears, rawhide chews, and stuffed shin bones in flavors like chicken and sweet potato, duck, beef, peanut butter, cheese, etc, keeping your cadet happy is their number-one priority!

The Hungry Puppy encourages you to stay tuned to see what exciting new chews and treats are coming soon from IMS Pet Industries' Cadet - a company that has been trusted for over thirty years, whose pledge is premium quality through carefully inspected products, long lasting chewing enjoyment, and consistent greatness pet parents expect!