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Cuddling, playing with toys, going for walks … those are all the fun parts of being a pet parent. The less fun part? Housebreaking. It’s certainly not a fun task to teach your pet the basics of using the bathroom, but with brands like Four Paws, Nala, PetMate, Simple Solution, Pee-B-Gone, and more, The Hungry Puppy makes it all the easier!

Housebreaking consists of teaching your pet two important lessons: where and when to use the bathroom. Teaching them when to use the bathroom and what space is designated to do so will save your furniture, save you from having to clean up extra messes, and reinforces a more obedient companion! How do you go about teaching them that? With The Hungry Puppy’s essentials! The first useful product is a crate. Crates are used for many things, such as rest, sleep, and travel. It happens to come in handy for housebreaking, too. Because you’ll have taught them to love this space and use it as a place for relaxation, they learn to hold their waste in while inside. To take advantage of this, place your pet in their crate after mealtime. Let them out at the time that you’d like them to use the bathroom, and then lead them to their designated spot. Where should your pet relieve themselves? That’s completely up to you! A popular product is wee-wee training pads, which are absorbent pieces of material that will soak up your pet’s waste. It’s particularly great for puppies and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The Hungry Puppy also carries a variety of sprays to make the process even easier. Our sprays achieve different goals. One of them is to stop your pet from re-urinating on your carpet, as the spray will leave behind a safe, mild, fresh scent. Need help preventing or fixing any accidents? Try our odor and stain removers and diapers. 

Your furry friend will be a housetrained pro in no time with The Hungry Puppy’s housebreaking essentials!


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