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Hip & Joint

Dogs and cats leave to jump, climb, leap, and pounce, but what happens when they suddenly stop? It can be a sign of discomfort in your pets - the only thing stopping them from being the energetic, lively companions they are. That’s why with brands like Blue Buffalo, NJ Pet Supply provides an assortment of products to support your pet’s hip & joint health.

Mobility issues most often affect older animals, though it sometimes targets younger ones, too. It can happen due to a number of reasons: age, injury, birth defects, etc. Usually it has to do with age, as senior dogs and cats can develop arthritis, dysplasia, and back problems over time. When experiencing problems like these they’ll show signs of pain, lack of movement, and lack of interest in physical activity. How your pet is treated will be determined by your veterinarian once they conduct examinations and tests to figure out what the cause of your pet’s mobility issues are. They may suggest a number of solutions, which may include supplements or veterinary diets. Supplements, coming in the form of powders, treats, capsules, and oils can easily be incorporated into your pet’s day to day routine. Veterinary diets work similarly, but must first be approved by your veterinarian. These products are formulated to incorporate powerhouse ingredients that can help support your dog or cat’s hip and joint health. High levels of ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin are crucial to the development and reparation of healthy cartilage. In addition, many products use fish oil, hyaluronic acid, taurine, and other essential minerals and vitamins to ensure proper joint and hip health, as well as an overall stronger immune system. Plus, your furry friend can enjoy the delicious flavors of NJ Pet Supply’s supplies, including chicken, brown rice, barley, vegetables, tuna, etc!