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Walks and daily exercise should be a key part in both you and your pet’s day to day lives, which is why The Hungry Puppy carries brands like Coastal, Kurgo, PetSafe, Premier, and others that offer harnesses - one of the safest purchases you can make for your dog or cat and easily attach a leash to.

Dog and cat harnesses serve a similar purpose to collars, but have several advantages. They are ideal for all breeds and sizes, small and big, because they don’t apply the same amount of pressure that collars tend to on the neck. This is especially an issue among smaller, older, and dsiabled dogs. Harnesses instead evenly distribute the weight from the neck to the whole body, not only making your pet more comfortable and less susceptible to choking or injuries, but also giving you more control. Harnesses discourage pulling and jumping, allowing you to more easily leash train and keep your pet focused on properly walking by your side. This prevents them from venturing off into busy streets, large crowds, or any other unwanted, unsafe locations. Plus, harnesses are extremely hard to slip out of, making it great for your little escape artists and runners! They are also less prone to get tangled, which is key for excitable dogs and puppies!

With all the benefits that harnesses offer, The Hungry Puppy is excited to have a wide stock of them. Coming in different sizes from small to large, many of which are adjustable, traditional harnesses are made of high quality nylon that is strong and durable. Some are wrap harnesses that use a combination of both nylon and mesh, a light, breathable material that keeps your active companion cool while also adding extra protection. Most of our products have easy step-in designs, which means it’ll be a breeze getting your pup or kitten in and out of them. Some harnesses are created with special features and purposes in mind. For example, some are designed specifically for mobility impaired and disabled dogs. They are placed either on the front, rear, or full body of your pet, and help you to easily lift them into the car or that part of their body during walks. That way, your pet is 100% still able to enjoy the walk just as they should be! Other harnesses come with automatic zip lines intended for car trips. These are easy to install and easily attached to any car seatbelts or above door handles, keeping your pet in the seat where you placed them, but still free to roam and move back and forth. This means they’re safe but still having fun! They’ll also have fun with our harnesses colors and designs. Whether solid or neutral colors of red, black, gray, pink, blue, yellow, orange, or purple, or patterns like paw prints, orchids, daisies, camouflage, checkered, and plaid, your pet is sure to love it!


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