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The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Greenies, the mouth-wowing treat that cats and dogs can’t wait to sink their teeth into. There’s nothing quite like them. Irresistibly tasty. Incredibly powerful. One treat a day is all it takes for your pet to experience the amazing effect of clean teeth, fresh breath, and tail wagging flavor. Greenies Dental Treats’ chewy texture cleans teeth and maintains healthy gums for a sparkle in every smile. 

As loving pet owners themselves, the health and well-being of pets is always their top priority. That’s why they make all Greenies Dental Treats with delicious, healthy ingredients that are easy to digest and help promote overall pet health. As the popularity of natural pet food continues to grow, more and more pet food manufacturers are putting the term “natural” on their product labels. Just like any food, it is important that your pet’s food, including treats, is balanced to meet his or her nutritional needs. That’s why Greenies Dental Treats are made with natural ingredients plus added supplements such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients which may not be found naturally, but are safe and necessary for your pet’s growth and overall health.