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Frozen Food

Nothing tastes better than a homemade meal. But if pet owners can barely find the time to make one for themselves, how will they find the time to make one for their pets? Look no further than The Hungry Puppy. Carrying brands like Boss Dog, Instinct, Stella & Chewy’s, Nature’s Variety, Primal, and more, our store offers frozen food options that give your pet the ability to experience a home cooked meal. 

Usually, the vitamins and minerals of pet food are cooked away after being put through an excessive heating process. On the other side, there is frozen pet food. The act of freezing food while raw or immediately after being cooked locks in the original nutritional content of the ingredients. So you can trust all essential nutritional value is left intact. The strong scent and taste of the ingredients gets locked in, too! Your pet will be looking forward to mealtime as they experience the full intensity of flavors like chicken, duck, beef, turkey, sardine, lamb, salmon, etc. You can choose whether you’d like to buy cooked frozen food or raw frozen food. Raw frozen food has several benefits, including limited or single ingredient formulas, better digestion, healthier teeth, softer, shinier coats, increased lean muscle mass, and higher energy. If you’re weary about giving raw diets a try, cooked frozen foods are a great alternative. It uses similar ingredients but is gently cooked so it’s safer for your pet’s consumption and your handling. 

The best part of The Hungry Puppy’s frozen food for dogs and cats is how easy it is to serve. Instructions vary according to the packaging, but the process usually consists of thawing the food the night before and then happily eating the next day! If you’re looking to start your pet’s frozen diet, don’t delay! Start the process of gradually transitioning your pet’s diet today!