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Freeze Dried Food

If you’re looking to serve your pet one of the healthiest options available on the market, look no further than freeze dried food offered by The Hungry Puppy. Carrying brands like Stella and Chewy’s, Sojos, Orijen, Dr. Marty, Primal, Pure Vita, RAWZ, and more, our store provides a wide line of one of the most increasingly popular food options there are!

Freeze dried food is created by freeze drying and completely removing the moisture of food while it’s in its raw form. This in turn locks in the complete nutritional value and of the ingredients without the use of any heat or artificial preservatives, which is what usually strips food of its vitamins and minerals. Instead you’ll be left behind with only high quality protein, healthy fats, and more. This is what gives pets all the benefits of raw without the mess, including softer fur, fresher breath, better digestion, and smaller stools. Not to mention, the act of freeze drying locks in not only nutrients, but flavor, too! Your feline and canine will be drooling at options like lamb, beef, salmon, cod, duck, venison, turkey, tuna, pork, etc! Pet parents appreciate that freeze dried food is instantly shrunken and left in a compact form after losing its moisture, meaning the packaging is lightweight, easy to take on the go, and easily shelved. But with how much both you and your pet will love The Hungry Puppy’s freeze dried food, we know it won’t be shelved for long!