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Free Shipping with $75 Minimum Order

Did you know The Hungry Puppy ships many products for free nationwide with just a $75 minimum order? Yes, you heard it right! Now you don't have to worry about running out of supplies for your beloved pets. We have gone to great lengths to provide you with the convenience of shopping all your favorite pet needs, from food to accessories, and have them delivered right to your doorstep free of charge - as long as your purchase reaches $75. 

The Hungry Puppy offers a vast assortment of pet supplies suitable for all kinds of furry, feathery and scaly friends. With a broad selection of pet foods, we cater to a variety of dietary requirements - from grain-free, organic and raw choices to specialty foods for sensitive stomachs, weight management and age-specific needs. Our inventory includes top-quality brands such as Blue Buffalo, Nutro, Merrick, and Hill's Science Diet. But nutrition is just the start - The Hungry Puppy is also your go-to source for all kinds of pet supplies. Whether you're looking for a comfortable new bed for your dog, a stimulating toy for your cat, a sturdy cage for your bird, a tranquil aquarium for your fish, or the perfect habitat for your reptile, we've got it all. On top of that, we offer an extensive range of grooming products, training tools, health supplements and much more to ensure your pet's overall wellbeing.

Whether you’re residing in the bustling capital of California, Sacramento, or enjoying the serene landscapes from Pierre, the charming capital of South Dakota, there’s no need to fret. The Hungry Puppy is there to ensure you’re never short of anything necessary for your pet’s happiness and vitality.

From the lively lanes of Little Rock, Arkansas to the snow-kissed streets of Montpelier, Vermont, The Hungry Puppy has set its mark in catering to countless pet parents. The stunning mountains surrounding Carson City, Nevada, distance is not a daunt for us. We have undertaken to deliver quality pet products nationwide, free of shipping costs with a minimum spend of $75 as we believe your furry or feathered companions deserve the best care no matter where you are.

In Austin, Texas, the land of rodeos and barbecues, or Tallahassee, Florida, renowned for its southern hospitality, we have ensured that The Hungry Puppy's range of nutritious and tasty pet foods are available to all. Over the vast plains of Lincoln, Nebraska to the historical richness of Dover, Delaware, we are committed to supporting pet owners by offering this seamless and convenient shopping option.

The scenic beauty of Olympia, Washington, the vibrant culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico or the patriotic spirit of Boston, Massachusetts, The Hungry Puppy is making a difference in the lives of pets and pet owners alike. From Phoenix, Arizona’s sun-drenched settings we have pledged to carry the weight of delivering your pet supplies at no additional cost. 

Our core belief is that high-quality pet products should be affordable and accessible to all, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Whether your abode rests in the busy streets of Atlanta, Georgia or the tranquil retreats of Bismarck, North Dakota, you only need to reach out to The Hungry Puppy for all your pet care essentials.

The Hungry Puppy makes it possible to enjoy more moments and create lasting memories with your pets everywhere; be it beside the lakes of Lansing, Michigan, the forested mountain scape of Boise, Idaho, or experiencing southern charm in Jackson, Mississippi.

We invite pet parents from each corner of our beautiful country - from Albany, capital of the Empire State, New York, to the sun-soaked capital city of Honolulu, Hawaii, and every city in between– to discover the ease and convenience of shopping with us. The Hungry Puppy is not just a pet supply store; it's a community that cherishes pets just as much as you do. Start shopping with us today and experience the joy of hassle-free, cost-effective, and speedy deliveries!


For this collection of products and for the best prices on all of your pet food and supply needs The Hungry Puppy Pet Food & Supplies is your one-stop shop. Whether your animal barks or chirps, neighs or moos, meows or squawks, we have it all. Shop at the convenience of your home or on the go. In a rush, you can place an order for a curbside pickup order and we will make sure you are here and gone in a flash. Live in NJ? The Hungry Puppy delivers FREE to your front door every week.

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Either Way The Hungry Puppy offers online shopping, with Curbside Pickup, Local Delivery or Nationwide Shipping at a place you can trust for the highest quality pet products at the lowest possible prices!