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First Aid

To keep you prepared for all of life’s unexpected curveballs, as a responsible pet owner it’s important to always have a first aid kit ready. Having to care for your pet during an emergency is a stressful situation, but with brands like Co-Flex, Vetericyn, Zymox, Miracle Care, and more, The Hungry Puppy is here to help!

Our store carries all the essentials that should be in your first aid kit. The first item you should keep in stock is bandages. Whether it be gauze, towels, or any type of clean cloth, bandages are necessary to stop bleeding and keep wounds free from debris or contaminants. The Hungry Puppy has in stock a variety of Co-Flex Bandages. Co-Flex is an elastic, self adhesive bandage that sticks to itself instead of your pet’s fur. It applies lightweight compression while still allowing the skin to breathe. Not only does it keep dirt away from your pet’s wound, but it can be useful with fractures, as well. Plus, it comes in fun colors like blue, purple, pink, red, black, and more! Another product that will help to stop your pet’s bleeding is Miracle Care Kwik Stop Cystic Powder, which contains Benzocaine to block pain and stop bleeding from minor cuts and nail clippings for cats, dogs, and birds. The second essential that The Hungry Puppy provides you and your pet with are topical creams and sprays. Though we have many designed to treat various purposes, Zymox products use a mixture of proteins, enzymes, aloe vera, and hydrocortisone to promote healthy skin and quick relief from itching caused by dermatitis and inflammation. Vetericyn Wound Spray helps to take care of all animals’ wounds and skin, whether your companion may be a dog, cat, horse, pig, lamb, etc. It instantly cleans cuts, relieving pain and starting the healing process. In your first aid kit, also keep eye and ear solutions handy. With how rough pets tend to play, it’s all too easy for harmful irritants to enter the ears and eyes. Our store’s flushes remove dust, pollen, debris, and other foreign matters from the eyes and ears, helping to prevent health conditions like ear mites, glaucoma, red eyes, dry eyes, etc. Lastly, complete your kit with restraints. Muzzles, blankets, leashes, and collars are of the utmost importance in helping you to efficiently and effectively treat your pet in the situation that they have a less favorable response to their accident or injury, whether it be aggression, biting, whimpering, etc.

While a visit to the vet is the safest, most assured way to your pet reaching their full health and potential, The Hungry Puppy’s stock of first aid supplies can drastically help your companion through the painful, scary process.


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