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Fancy Feast

No one loves your cat like you do – and no one loves helping you find ways to delight your cat like Fancy Feast. As the #1 gourmet cat food brand in the world, Fancy Feast is known for creating and crafting unique taste experiences again and again. They believe in high quality in every detail. Real seafood, poultry and beef. Aged cheddar. A touch of milk. Fancy Feast knows what cats crave. That’s exactly why The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of their Gourmet Cat Food, Treats, and Kitten Food. With savory flavors, delicate textures, inspired recipes, and real ingredients, every Fancy Feast entree is made with delicious details, served daily. Choose from any of their 100 irresistible recipes and options on the Fancy Feast menu. Their Paté is a classic, smooth wet cat food that comes in delightful flavors, while their Natural line is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Or go for their delectable combinations that are created grain free. Can’t decide? Pick up a Variety Pack! These are savory collections of your Fancy Feast favorites.