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Eyes & Ears

With all the beauty of this world, The Hungry Puppy knows that all pet owners want to do is be able to share the experiences of life with their companions. But all your companion wants to do is spend time with you, regardless of where it may be or what you may be doing. They never tire of waiting for you to come home, just so they can see your open arms and hear your excited voice! That’s why The Hungry Puppy carries a variety of eye and ear care products with brands like Four Paws, Vetericyn, Zymox, Earthbath, Durvet, Farnam, and more!

It’s important to keep the health of your pet’s eyes in check, especially for symptoms like red eyes, dry eyes, or any discharge. These can be signs of harmful conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or even tumors. However, The Hungry Puppy carries products that can help to prevent such problems. Our options of non-stinging eye solutions, such as from Farnam for horses and ponies and Vetericyn for dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, etc, are designed to gently flush out irritants from the eye, whether it be dust, pollen, mucous, or other foreign matter. These products remove debris, as well as cleans tear stains to leave the fur surrounding the eye free from the bacteria that leads to discoloration. Our store carries solutions for the ears, too! Zymox Ear Care products use a blend of non-toxic proteins, enzymes, and surfactants to gently cleanse the ears of dogs, cats, and small animals. Sulfodene Ear Cleaners work similarly, loosening wax and debris and in turn reducing ear odor and risk of inflammation and ear infection. This is especially important since ear infections are one of the leading reasons for vet visitations. Another common issue is ear mites. Ear mites are pesky, highly contagious parasites that make their way into your companion’s ear canal. They feed on skin debris, causing irritation and itchiness. Durvet No Bite Ear Mite Control can be used to eliminate these pests and side effects by simply dropping it into the ear twice daily. Warning signs of mites or possible problems with the ear include sensitivity to touch, constant shaking of the head, redness, and crust on the tips of the ears. Be sure to try our eye and ear hair trimmers beforehand to make the process of dropping the solution in much easier! Or purchase ear and eye wipes for a quicker, more convenient grooming session that you can take on the go!

Look to The Hungry Puppy for all your pet’s eye and ear care needs. We want to help them be as bright-eyed and perky-eared as possible! 


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