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Dog Supplements

Supplements are all the craze for people today, so it’s only natural that they wonder if there are any vitamins for their precious pooches. The answer is yes! Carrying brands like Ark Naturals, Dr. Harvey’s, Esbilac, Homeopet, Healthy Essentials, Naturvet, Nupro, Pet Naturals, and more, The Hungry Puppy carries an assortment of dog supplements.

Which of our supplements you choose depends totally on you and your pet’s needs and preferences! Do they experience anxiety or stress when separated from you, going to the vet, hearing loud sounds, or when sudden changes occur? Our large selection of calming and anxiety relief products can help them out. Choose from oils, chews, ointments, balms, and treats to do the job. Our other supplements can be administered similarly, or in the form of shampoos, tablets, capsules, powder, etc. Some have the function of helping pups that have conditions or illnesses. If you need extra care for hip and joints, skin and coat, or digestion, The Hungry Puppy has it all. Especially popular to both people and their pets are Probiotics and Prebiotics, which work together to balance the helpful and harmful bacteria in your furry friend’s gut. They’re great for overall health, as well as for when you’re transitioning your dog to a new food. If your pet is lacking a particular vitamin, your veterinarian may recommend a supplement to be added into their daily routine. Of course, it’s always safest to ask your veterinarian if you have any interest in giving your pet any supplements! But you can trust that The Hungry Puppy has all the options you need to ensure your pet’s health.