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Dog Grooming

Carrying brands like Coastal, Earthbath, Espree, Four Paws, Fresh & Clean, Safari, Soggy Doggy, TropiClean, and more, The Hungry Puppy has all the grooming supplies you need to keep your dog looking and feeling good!

Start off your pet’s grooming process with a good ol’ bath. Our shampoos and conditioners will give your dog’s fur a good cleaning, while leaving behind amazing scents like aloe, coconut, vanilla, tea tree, lavender, chamomile, and baby powder. Your pet’s fur will be softer and shinier than ever! Not to mention, many of our shampoos and conditioners are medicated for the prevention of fleas and ticks or for the relief of hot spots, razor burns, and dry, itchy skin. If you need a quicker clean on the go, go for our grooming wipes. Leave your pet smelling like mango or green tea as you run over their fur and paws. We even have wipes specifically for their ears and eyes! Now that they're all clean, it’s time for the real grooming to start! Safari has endless options for tools to groom your pet. From multiple kinds of brushes, combs, and slickers, to nail files, nail trimmers, shedding blades, and more. They provide every product you’d need to maintain your pet’s coat and nails … and The Hungry Puppy carries them all! Where will you be doing all this grooming? On a Soggy Doggy Mat! Coming in fun, stylish colors like gray, green, brown, red, beige, and blue, these mats are made using a super-absorbent microfiber chenille. When your pet comes fresh out of a bath, or even from the rain, this mat is sure to soak up the moisture! Once you’re finished grooming your pet, use our lint removers to pick up any stray hairs that may have gotten onto you or your furniture! 

The Hungry Puppy has all the grooming supplies you need to keep your canine looking as good as our products make them feel!