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Dog Dental

There’s a saying that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. The Hungry Puppy still wants to help you do your part as a pet parent to make sure that statement is true. That’s why we carry premium brands like Whimzees, Petstages, Kong, Sunshine Mills, Blue Buffalo, Hill’s, Nylabone, Redbarn, Greenies, Virbac, Ark Naturals, Pets Agree, and others that create a variety of dog dental products that will leave your pet smiling wider and brighter than ever!

Doggy dental health is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, allowing tartar and plaque to continuously buildup can overtime lead to discomfort and oral and dental diseases, such as periodontitis. It can also cause teeth loss, which happens as a result of the structures holding the teeth becoming damaged or infected. Bad breath is also an unfortunate downside to not properly caring for your pup’s choppers. Overall, neglecting your pet’s dental needs can lead to negative effects on their entire system, especially their internal organs. Harmful bacteria from plaque can enter the bloodstream and in turn the heart, kidneys, and liver. Should that happen and your pet is prescribed a veterinary diet for dental care, The Hungry Puppy carries prescription diets from Hill’s and Royal Canin that are available for curbside pickup or free local delivery!

But this can easily be prevented by using one of our store’s many products! Coming in a variety of sizes depending upon your dog’s size and breed, we offer a number of treats and sticks specifically designed for oral care. Whimzees is a brand that has been rising in popularity due to their wide selection of all natural, gluten free, grain free, vegetarian treats. Whether in their original flavor, or in veggie sausage, their sticks, strips, and treats use a vegetable-based texture that help remove plaque and tartar as your canine chews. Plus they come in fun shapes like alligators, hedgehogs, and crocodiles, too! Greenies is another great, veterinarian recommended brand that offers different sized treats based on your dog’s weight. Their original flavor, as well as their tuna and chicken flavor, is irresistibly tasty while not only providing oral care, but also giving your pooch nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, D, etc. There are a mix of similar products from Kong, Sunshine Mills, and Blue Buffalo. Asides from treats, The Hungry Puppy also offers toothbrushes and toothpastes for your dog! Brushing teeth is no longer an activity just for the pet parent. Nylabone’s angled toothbrush and finger brush gets to hard to reach places in your dog’s mouth and works well in combination with their tasty toothpaste that reduces bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Having trouble getting your pup to comply? Use a poultry flavored toothpaste that they won’t be able to say no to, or throw them a fun chew toy, rawhide, or other treats with ingredients like peanut butter or pork! All can help do the job, too!

Pick up dental products from The Hungry Puppy today to help your furry friend smile with confidence!


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