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Dog Clothing

Pet owners love their dogs so much that they wish everyone could see just how kind, loving, funny, loyal, and cuddly they are. Let your pet’s clothes tell the world! The Hungry Puppy’s many options of dog clothing are a surefire way to express your pet’s personality. Our casual t-shirts are light, breathable, and comfortable - perfect to be worn often by your pooch. Not to mention, they come in a bunch of different colors to suit your pet’s style.They also have a variety of sayings and phrases to choose from, including but not limited to “I trained myself,” “100% Purebred,” “To pee or not to pee,” “100% mutt,” and much, much more. There are shirts with sayings for every pup’s unique personality and traits. It all depends on what they have to tell the world! Is your dog more of a fashionista? Put them in our denim dress tops or denim jackets, or maybe a bedazzled t-shirt that shows just how stylish and spoiled they are! Are they a part of a sports loving family? The Hungry Puppy has jerseys for your pup to wear on game day. Looking for something chic but useful? ThunderShirts come in solid and two-toned color options, helping your pup to look cute while simultaneously applying a consistent, gentle pressure that reduces anxiety. The Hungry Puppy has the functional, fashionable clothes that your dog will love.