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Dental Treats

What better way to clean your pet’s teeth than while they happily chew on a great tasting treat? There isn’t! That’s why with brands like OlviPet, Merrick, Whimzees, Old Mother Hubbard, Yummy Combs, Hill’s, Royal Canin, Ethical Pet, Greenies, and more, The Hungry Puppy carries the best dental treats there are. 

Pets use their mouth for everything. Eating, drinking, barking, meowing, catching a ball, tugging a rope, you name it. That’s what makes it so important to ensure that your pet’s teeth are constantly taken care of. Because if not, not only will they have a hard time doing daily tasks, but they may even be at risk of dental disease. Dental disease is caused by an excessive buildup of plaque and tartar that enters the gumline. When that happens, oral discomfort, missing teeth, bleeding, and bad breath can follow. Save your companion from these uncomfortable symptoms. Instead, feed them a dental treat! 

Dental treats are specifically designed with a rough, crunchy texture that reduces the amount of tartar and plaque on your pet’s teeth. This means your pet will also have fresher breath, as bacteria in plaque is often the culprit behind why it smells in the first place. You can count on most products’ extra breath fresheners to do the job, too! The best part of it all? Your pet will love the multi-sized treats’ flavors, whether it be mint, catnip, chicken, tuna, carrots, rice, or barley. You’ll love The Hungry Puppy’s dental treats too, as you can ensure your pet’s teeth are the cleanest and healthiest they can be without any extra time or effort on your part!