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Deer are some of the most majestic, graceful wildlife animals there are, which is why it can feel like such a pleasant surprise when we see them wander into our backyard! People often even befriend them and do what they can to keep them coming back! On the other hand, some prefer the privacy of their property and want to find a way to safely ward off unwanted animal intruders. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on, with brands like Southern States, Havahart, Wild Delight, and others, The Hungry Puppy offers a variety of deer supplies to help you achieve both!

While deer are animals meant to live with their herd and should not be separated from their natural habitat, it’s still common that people want to be in their presence and help provide for them in some way. If you’re looking to help take care of the deer that visit your yard, a solid start is by offering them enticing food options. That’s why we offer rich formulas that provide deer with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need to remain strong, agile, and prepared for the wild life. Deer are herbivorous, prospering off of vegetables, grass, and fruits. Southern States 12% Deer Feed is a supplement that provides deer of all ages with needed nutrients. Plus, with its inclusion of molasses, it serves as a sweet, tasty treat! Their Corn-A-Plenty Block is great for all wildlife, as it provides natural vegetation with essential protein, energy, and minerals that support the development of wildlife. These delectable, irresistible products will keep your deer coming back to you for more! If you prefer deer to stay out of your yard, we have the supplies for that, too! Havahart Live Animal Traps come in five different sizes. These traps are the humane way to safely remove and relocate pest animals without harming them. We also carry various fast acting sprays that are specifically designed with scents that naturally, safely avert deer from your fence and vegetation. You can also use Deer Ban Repellent Capsules, which protect plants and gardens from their chompers.

Whether you’re trying to befriend or safely ward off your backyard visitors, The Hungry Puppy is a one stop shop that can help you effectively achieve both!