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Crunchy Treats

Your pet deserves to be rewarded for everything they do, whether it’s greeting you happily at the door, snuggling up to you in bed, or keeping you company on walks. The best way to reward them is with big flavor … and big crunch. Choose from many of The Hungry Puppy’s brands that provide crunchy treats, including Fromm, Wellness, Nutro, Old Mother Hubbard, Canidae, Bocce’s Bakery, Milk Bone, Merrick, Earthborn, Cloud Star, Temptations, and more. 

Your pet will love the satisfying crunch of The Hungry Puppy’s treats. They’ll love their many sizes and fun shapes, too! Pick from small, medium, and large sizes, and shapes like bones, O’s, bars, stars, hearts, bears, etc. An even better choice to make is what flavor your dog or cat will enjoy most! Choose from mouth watering chicken, lamb, apple, pumpkin, peanut butter, carron, banana, turkey, bacon, cheese, sweet potato, beef, and so many more. With so many fun decisions to make and endless options for size, shape, and taste, your pet won’t even realize that the treats are simultaneously making them healthier! Your companion’s health is promoted by the nutrient packed ingredients used in these treats, but their textures are equally beneficial. The crunchy roughness will remove plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth as they enjoy the taste, reducing the risk of dental disease. The chewing action also keeps your dog or cat’s jaw actively moving, strengthening its muscles.

The flavor, benefits, and options of The Hungry Puppy’s crunchy treats are sure to grab the attention of any pet!