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Crates, Gates & Kennels

Crates, gates, and kennels, oh my! These are all extremely practical, functional purchases that are essential for you and your pet’s training and travel needs. That’s why The Hungry Puppy carries brands such as Four Paws, MidWest, PetMate, and others that provide you with the containment solutions you need.

Crates and kennels serve as great tools to bring your dog, cat, or any other companion animal with you on an adventure! Whether you’re flying across the country on an airplane, visiting a family friend’s house, or bringing them along for a car ride, crates and kennels are made of tough, durable construction that ensures your pet’s safety, while having openings and slots for open ventilation and easy breathing. Petmate’s kennels have interior moats to keep your pet dry and tie-down strap holes for zip-tie installation, as well as built in compartment covers, handles, and easy squeeze latches. MidWest’s crates have sliding bolt latches and offer large openings for pets to easily step in and out of. Plus, they’re easy to set up or fold flat for convenient storage. These products comply with most airline requirements, though you should always check to be sure. However, crates and kennels are not just for travelling, but also sleeping! Many pets enjoy having a designated place for sleeping, one that is both comforting and comfortable. Make it extra cozy by purchasing one of our store’s luxurious fleece beds that fit right into the crate! As you can tell, kennels and crates can be used for sleeping, travelling, or training, just as gates and pens can too! Gates and pens keep your pet from venturing off into a part of the house you want to keep off limits, or it keeps them to a specific area for exercise, bedtime, or playtime. Luckily, our crates, kennels, and pens all come in a range of sizes that depend upon your friend’s size and habits.

The Hungry Puppy has all the crates, gates, kennels, and pens your pet needs to accompany you on your adventures, play safely, or snuggle up during bedtime!