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Collars for your companion are of the utmost importance for many reasons, whether it’s for fashion, safety, or identification. No matter which of the three reasons you are looking into buying your cat or dog a collar, The Hungry Puppy has a wide stock of collars and necklaces that can achieve all three! With brands like Coastal, Seresto, Salvo, Petsport, Titan, and more, you can make a purchase that keeps your pet both stylish and safe!

Collars vary in a lot of different ways: color, design, size, material, and purpose. Luckily, our store provides them in an assortment of all different colors, both fun and bright and also neutral, such as solid red, orange, green, blue, yellow, gray, black, and pink. Some are more trendy with patterns like glitter, camouflage, ribbons, daisies, zebra, and paw prints, while some contain a specially made reflective material that’s a great way of letting your pet be seen at all times of the day and from all distances. Another type of collar that’s designed for safety reasons are LED safety necklaces that glow in stand out, hard to miss colors that make it easier for you and others to spot your pup. The Hungry Puppy also offers a variety of training collars, such as prong collars and martingale collars, which gently tightens or pokes whenever pulled on. This is a safety feature that’s practical for any breed of dog, but especially those with heads smaller than their necks because it makes it much harder for them to slip out. However, all of our collars are made of sturdy, durable materials (typically nylon or leather) that ensure your pet will be under control and by your side at all times with proper training, as they have D-rings and loops to easily attach a leash! These rings and loops are also a convenient place for you to attach an ID tag that gives your dog or cat’s name and information so that should they ever be separated from you, they can easily be returned and come running home! Our store carries many other miscellaneous collars and necklaces - flea and tick collars to repel pesky parasites, breakaway collars, choke training collars, leader head collars, etc. All of which are adjustable and made for all different sizes of companions!

Keep your pet safe, secure, and stylish with one of The Hungry Puppy’s many reliable collars and necklaces!