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Clothing & Accessories

Every pet has a special and unique personality. What better way to communicate that than through clothes? Put your cat or dog in one of The Hungry Puppy’s many clothing options! Our shirts come in a bunch of different colors like pink, red, gray, and more! Just choose your pet’s favorite. Not to mention, they have fun sayings and phrases on them. Is your pet a sports fan? A fan of their mommy and daddy? Proud to be a purebred, or feeling mighty because they’re a mutt? These are only a few of the creative sayings that our shirts say, all of which help to showcase your pet’s one-of-a-kind personality and traits. Want something a little more chic? Put them in denim. Whether you’re looking for a denim dress top or a jacket with pink or gold accents, we have it all. Want something a little more functional? With the ThunderShirt, you can dress your cat or dog in something that’s practical, but doesn’t sacrifice the style. These shirts come in different colors and designs and apply a consistent, gentle pressure to your pet that helps to calm and relieve anxiety. Or try a blanket coat! These adorable coats have a soft inner lining to give your pet extra warmth and protection. Top off these shirts and jackets with cute accessories. Try collars that come in a variety of colors, prints, and designs, or maybe some doggy boots to protect your furry friend’s paws.