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Cat Grooming

Cats are notorious for self grooming. They love to lick their paws and fur, as it spreads sebum, an oily secretion that keeps their skin and coats looking and feeling fresh. But The Hungry Puppy understands that natural pet parent instinct of wanting to help. That’s why with brands like Earthbath, Four Paws, Safari, Creative Pet, Ark Naturals, Naturvet, and more, you can purchase all the cat grooming supplies you need!

Grooming is the perfect opportunity for you and your kitty to bond and build a special connection through extra time spent together, so we want to help make the process as fun and easy as possible. The process can start with a simple, relaxing bath. Use one of our all natural shampoos and conditioners to gently massage their fur and skin. They not only have light, alluring scents like oatmeal, cucumber, and aloe, but have several special purposes! Many of our offered shampoos are soap free and hypoallergenic, with unique formulas that fight infections, are composed with essential fatty acids, are great for skin sensitivities, and more! Many of The Hungry Puppy’s ear flushers and gentle sprays do the same, removing excess wax from your feline’s ears and helping them to be as alert as ever. If you’re running a bit short on time and need a quicker alternative to a shower, pick up cat eye, ear, and body wipes! They smell like either mango or green tea and help you to efficiently and conveniently wipe your pet down. Your cat should be bright eyed and bushy tailed at this point! Now that your feline’s fur and nails are soft from their bath or cleansing, it’s a great time to follow up by trimming their nails. Use one of our nail trimmers, clippers, files, or even scratcher posts and pads to keep their claws sharp and polished. Wrap up the process by brushing their fur! Fine toothed combs, brushes, shedding blades, and slickers are great for dematting and detangling, as well as for cats that shed a lot. Some are even designed to pick out fleas, ticks, and other pesky parasites that have made a home out of your pet’s fur. Lastly, be sure to groom yourself once the grooming process is over with our lint rollers for easy fur clean up from clothes and furniture!

The Hungry Puppy carries all the supplies from bathing to aftercare that you need to keep your kitty looking and feeling their best!


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