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Cat Collars

Cats are known to be pristine, prestigious, and picky. So why not find them something that’ll satisfy the both of you! That’s why The Hungry Puppy carries brands like Coastal, Seresto, Salvo, Earth Animal, Zodiac, Petsport, and others that create cat collars that are both a fashion statement and a safety feature.

The main reason collars are super important for your feline’s safety is because they contain D-rings and loops so you can easily attach an ID tag containing your pet’s name and information. This makes it so much easier for them to be returned and come running right back home to you should they be separated or wander a little too far! However, we understand that kitty’s certainly have their finicky preferences. For that reason, our store offers an abundance of collars in different types. They’re all created using high quality, sturdy, durable materials so you won’t have to worry about them breaking. Some are even specifically created for the most adventurous, daring cats. Our furry friends naturally love to climb and jump from place to place, whether it’s furniture, cabinets, or even trees. So regardless of if you have an indoor or outdoor cat, they could definitely benefit from breakaway collars! Breakaway collars will continue to provide the safety you want for your pet while still allowing them to move around as much as they would like, as they are specifically designed to unsnap or unclick as soon as excess force is applied to them. This will prevent your curious pet from getting choked or caught in places and situations they shouldn’t be in. Other safety collars include those created with reflective materials, which makes sure that your furry friend is seen at all times of the day (especially night) and from all distances. There are also flea and tick collars that actively work to repel pesky parasites for months at a time; they’re completely safe and work through direct contact with insects! Plus, these functional collars come in the trendiest colors. If you and your cat enjoy more neutral, solid colors, we have nylon collars in red, orange, green, yellow, purple, blue, pink, black, gray, and more! If you prefer a little more glam and glitz, there are also designs with glitter, ribbons, camouflage, daisies, pawprints, etc!

The Hungry Puppy offers safe, stylish collars that reflect the intelligent, curious cat that you have!


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