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Cat Beds

Cats are notorious for being pristine, luxurious creatures. They love their independence, and they love doing things on their own terms. Naps and bedtime included. For this reason, The Hungry Puppy carries brands like MidWest, K&H, Carefresh, Premier, Pestell, and others that create top of the line cat beds.

It’s often debated whether or not cats need beds, but once you hear the benefits that come with purchasing one, the answer becomes pretty clear: yes. Cats are extremely independent, which means that they would definitely appreciate having a space to call their own. It allows for them to have disrupted sleep and rest. Especially with a space that is specifically designed for their comfort and peace when turning in for the night. Luckily, The Hungry Puppy’s beds are made from high quality materials that are sure to make your feline feel soft and cozy. This is due to our bed’s luxurious padding and cushioning, which helps to promote proper support for your pet’s muscles and joints, preventing them from straining with arthritis or hip dysplasia. Kitties also tend to be picky about where they sleep because they like it to be meticulously clean and free of the fur that they so often leave around. Our store’s beds are all completely washable, meaning every wash will keep your house mess free without lowering the quality of the product. Plus, giving your kitten their own space to sleep ensures you have your own space, too! Not only will the both of you have extra space to stretch out, but as a pet owner, your bed and household furniture will be free of excess fur, hairballs, or dirt. Lastly, cat beds are ideal for elimination of drafts. They create a warm, suitable temperature for your cat that will help them sleep soundly. Or you can purchase a microwavable pet bed warmer from our store, as well!

Overall, any bed you purchase from The Hungry Puppy, coming in many textures, sizes, and colors like black, gray, white, etc, are great for your cat’s crate or to be used on its own. Whichever you choose is sure to suit your picky purrer’s preferences!


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