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The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Bonine because they are committed to providing the best possible solutions for home, lawn, and garden pest problems. 

They are particularly well known for their repellents, which repel in three ways: by sense of touch, taste, and smell. Their popular Repels-All collection triggers genetically and biologically ingrained fear and flight responses in a multitude of animal intruders - without harm. Made from natural ingredients and biodegradable, it lasts up to two months and protects plants and property year round. Bonide not only provides many repellents, but helps maintain a beautiful and secure property through a series of other products for insect control, mosquito control, houseplants, fertilizers, etc. For example, their Horse and Stable Fly Spray protects livestock from flying insects. This water-based formula protects horses, beef and dairy cattle, goats, sheep, swine, poultry, and dogs. It can be sprayed directly on livestock when used as directed. This is just an example of their many useful supplies that help with pets and animals.

Bonide guarantees that all products bearing the Bonide label are composed of first quality ingredients compounded to conform with all state and federal laws governing their sale and manufacture. Furthermore, each product is guaranteed to do its work in a satisfactory manner.