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Bitter Apple

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Grannick’s Bitter Apple because it’s the original taste deterrent for dogs. Created by Pharmacist Irv Grannick in 1960, this spray is applied directly to your dog’s fur to discourage fur biting and prevent them from irritating hot spots by licking, gnawing, or chewing. These benefits are achieved by the product leaving behind a bitter, undesirable taste that will stop your dog from chomping on their fur, allowing their skin the needed time to heal. However unpleasant the taste may be, Grannick’s Bitter Apple is  non-toxic and completely safe.

Many copycat products have come and gone because dogs soon acquired a taste for them. Only Grannick’s Bitter Apple works and keeps working. Every day more veterinarians, groomers and dog lovers around the world discover the benefits of Grannick’s Bitter Apple.