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Bird Treats

Treats are one of the quickest ways to form a strong, meaningful bond with your pet. They’re great for not only training and rewarding new learned behaviors, but also for showing your companion a little extra love and affection. Placing a treat in your hand helps your bird to form an association between you and receiving a reward, allowing your pet to trust and interact with you more. That’s why The Hungry Puppy, carrying brands like Lafebers, Kaytee, Abba, Brown’s, and more, carries premium bird treats that will keep your pet chirping for more!

A tasty, highly palatable treat for getting your bird to start eating is Kaytee Spray Millet. Millet comes naturally on a stem and works to encourage weaning, and is particularly suitable for all ages - fledglings, juveniles, and full-grown birds. If the millet is indeed being used to help your bird to adjust to eating a real, whole diet, they can then move onto other treat options from premium brands like Lafebers! Lafebers has numerous lines of high quality bird treats, such as their Avi-Cakes. Avi-Cakes blends 50% premium seeds with 50% pellets, binded together with sweet molasses. This nutritionally complete treat provides your pet with Omega 3 & 6 for healthier skin and feathers and is an excellent outlet for their innate foraging habits. Lafebers Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries are another exceptional option. A mix of whole seeds, grains, and pellets with pineapple, papaya, mango, etc, these provide the irresistible flavor of fruits that are packed with vitamins and minerals!

Of all the options we provide, our bird treats are powerhouse products that pack a punch of nutrition along with delectable tastes that your pet will be tweeting for at mealtime!