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Best Breed

The Hungry Puppy is a proud carrier of Best Breed because the founding philosophy behind their formulas is what founder and veterinarian Dr. Gary calls “Common Sense Nutrition.” Common Sense Nutrition means they disregard the usual marketing and cost control techniques often used by the large conglomerate pet food companies and simply develop the healthiest pet foods possible. Each ingredient in their formulas must be of the highest quality and must be accretive to the overall value of the diet, meaning no animal by-product meals, cheap fillers, any sort of gluten meal and artificial flavoring or coloring.

Nearly every day they hear of a new story from a pet parent who can not believe how healthy and energetic their dog or cat is after switching to their food, whether it’s food for a particular lifestage, breed, or size. Not to mention, their delicious flavors and formulas include Salmon, Catfish, Lamb, Chicken, etc, some even being grain free. Such results and fantastic flavors are what helped Dr. Gary confirm his earlier conclusion that surely a natural pet food formula could be developed to holistically address issues of digestive complications, mobility challenges, and skin issues.

The Hungry Puppy carries Best Breed because founded on integrity, honesty, and trust, they believe “A pet food is only as good as the ingredients and process used to make it.”