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The puppy and kitten days are over! While it can be sad saying goodbye to your pet’s once smaller, perhaps more energetic self, the adult days are a whole new adventure for pet owners and their companions to embark on together! To prepare you for the journey, The Hungry Puppy carries brands like Blue Buffalo, Fromm, Nutro, Eukanuba, Oxbow, Southern States, Orijen, Nutrisource, Hill’s, Holistic Select, and more - all of which provide a wide selection of adult stage animal products.

Whether you have an adult dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, horse, or other animal, The Hungry Puppy has you covered. It can be confusing trying to tell when your pet is considered an adult, especially since there are many different factors individual to specific animals. For example, according to WebMD, a dog is considered an adult when it reaches 90% of its expected adult weight. Cats generally take anywhere from one to two years to stop growing. Guinea pigs are harder to gauge in age, but can be estimated by assessing their body, nails, and teeth. The list goes on for different criteria used to determine when an animal has reached its adult stage. However, when feeding adult animals, it’s important to ensure that they are receiving a nutritionally complete, balanced diet at all times. This can be achieved by purchasing food suitable for all life stages, as these often contain extra nutrients to support growth. Yet there are also options specifically tailored to the needs of adult animals - ones that help keep them healthy and energetic, enabling them to live the longest, fullest life possible! These formulas are created using appropriate and necessary levels of proteins, fibers, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They use only the highest quality ingredients that help maintain the needs of adult animals, all while using scrumptious flavors like chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, rabbit, venison, salmon, potato, lentil, brown rice, and more!