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KONG Treatster
KONG Treatster

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KONG Treatster

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KONG Treatster’s internal fins lock in treats and chews extending chewing fun while rewarding appropriate chewing behavior. The unique, tapered design holds a wide variety of treats, enticing natural foraging instincts. The further a treat is stuffed into the Treatster, the greater the challenge—and reward! This durable treat holder satisfies natural chewing instincts while providing a comfortable way to enjoy snacks.
  •  Internal fins grip treats and chews to extend the fun
  •  Tapered design allows for varied difficulty
  •  Unique texture rewards long-lasting engagement
  •  Smear external ridges with KONG StuffN’ to extend engagement

KONG Treatster is a revolutionary new way to reward your pet. It is an interactive treat dispenser and toy that gives your pet a treat every time they interact with it. With Treatster, you can choose from a variety of treats, including kibble, wet food, and treats. Your pet can even choose which treat they want by selecting a color-coded button on the dispenser. Treatster also allows you to track your pet's progress and reward them with a special treat when they reach a certain milestone. Treatster is the perfect way to keep your pet motivated, engaged, and happy.

KONG Treatster is an interactive and engaging treat dispensing toy that can be used to reward and entertain your pet. It is a fun way to keep your pet entertained, active and engaged while providing them with a delicious treat. The toy dispenses treats when your pet interacts with it and releases a reward sound at the same time. It can be used as a part of a training program or simply as a fun way to reward and entertain your pet. The built-in timer feature can be set to release treats at intervals throughout the day, allowing your pet to play and explore the toy on its own. The toy is also made from durable, non-toxic materials which makes it safe for your pet to use.

  1. Stimulates the mind and body: The KONG Treatster can be used to provide mental stimulation for your pet. The puzzle-like shape of the treat machine encourages your pet to work for their treat, stimulating their brain and providing physical activity. 
  2. Dispenses healthy treats: The KONG Treatster dispenses healthy treats, so you don't have to worry about your pet overindulging. 
  3. Keeps your pet entertained: The KONG Treatster keeps your pet entertained for hours. They can be challenged in multiple ways, making playtime more enjoyable and stimulating. 
  4. Enhances the bond between you and your pet: The KONG Treatster helps enhance the bond between you and your pet. As your pet works for their treat, they get to spend quality time with you and learn to trust and bond with you. 
  5. Easy to use: The KONG Treatster is easy to use. Simply fill the machine with treats, place it on the floor, and watch your pet have fun!


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