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KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy

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KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy

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The KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy is a fun and interactive toy for cats of all ages. This toy features a soft plush body with a jingle bell and refillable catnip pouch. The toy also comes with three KONG catnip refills so you can keep your cat entertained for hours. The toy is designed to encourage healthy play and help strengthen the bond between you and your cat. The toy is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

The KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy is a fun and safe way to keep your cat entertained throughout the holidays. This refillable cat toy is made of soft, plush material and is filled with catnip that cats love. The toy is designed to encourage play and interaction with cats, while also helping to reduce stress and anxiety. The refillable design allows you to easily add more catnip when needed, while the built-in bell adds an extra bit of fun. With its festive holiday design, this KONG Toy is the perfect way to give your cat a special treat this holiday season.

The KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy is a festive and fun toy for cats. It features a plush fabric construction with a red bow and festive holiday design. The toy is filled with a crinkle material that will excite cats and stimulate their senses. The toy also contains a refillable pouch that is perfect for holding treats or catnip. The Kickeroo is designed to encourage cats to play and explore, and is great for interactive play between cats and their owners. It is a great way to keep cats active and entertained.

  1. Stimulates natural hunting instincts: The design of the KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy encourages cats to engage in instinctive play and exercise. The dangling toy encourages cats to use their paws to swat and pounce, stimulating hunting and play behavior that is essential for cats' mental and physical health. 
  2. Refillable: The toy comes with a refillable pouch, so cat owners can restock the toy with their cat's favorite treats or catnip. This encourages cats to engage with the toy for longer periods of time. 
  3. Durable: The KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy is made with sturdy materials that can withstand even the most enthusiastic playtime. This ensures cats will get the most out of their toy and cat owners don't have to worry about it getting destroyed quickly. 
  4. Variety: The KONG Holiday Kickeroo Refillable Cat Toy comes in a variety of fun colors and styles, giving cats lots of options to choose from. This ensures cats will never get bored of the same toy and can always try something new.


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